Window Cleaning

Our team provides professional exterior and interior window cleaning services for your home or commercial/strata property. Your home deserves the best and our skilled technicians provide professional quality residential and commercial services. There’s no job too big!

Our crew will clean your windows using eco-friendly cleaning solutions in combination with a variety of tools including razor blade scrapers and 100% rubber squeegees resulting in clean windows that stay clean longer.

Why do you need window cleaning services?

  • It protects your windows for the long term. If windows are left dirty or grimy for long periods of time, your windows become more fragile from oxidization and hard minerals that leave your windows forever stained. Etching and scratches are also more likely to become permanent when dirty windows are not taken care of.
  • When SPPS cleans your windows, we provide insights and can spot out future problems like small leaks, cracks or abrasions that can be fixed easily. But if these problems were left alone, they could cost you more in the long run to fix. Think of window cleaning as an investment to save money down the road to replace your windows.
  • As a minimum, we recommend cleaning your windows twice a year. The area you live in can have a vast impact on that recommendation though. Consider if you live on a busy street, construction nearby, have lots of trees in the area or run sprinklers that spray your windows.
  • Cleaning the windows on the inside of your home is one thing, but ¬†cleaning second story or higher windows from the outside can be dangerous. They are best left to professionals to be cleaned because they are professionally trained and insured for the work.
  • Clean windows also contribute to the overall impact of your home/property. Looking outside and seeing the world in its full colour can improve your mood. Plus clean windows make your home more attractive from the street, which if you are in the market to sell, can increase its curb appeal.
  • We can service up to 70′ high, 4 story capability with 65′ man lift. Wide assortment of ladders and tools for any job.


For your convenience, we offer 7 days a week scheduling and we are fully insured.